R. hirta flower
G. pulchella flower
I. rubra flower
Wildflower seeds of the north Florida ecotype are available through the Salter Tree and Herb Farm. The farm is offering rare seed originating and grown in Florida. The collection covers Gaillardia to Echinacea and includes three popular Tickseed flowers of the Coreopsis family: basalis, lanceolata, and leavenworthii. We hope to help reestablish wildflowers by offering the public a chance to purchase seed directly and select the variety or varieties you want.
We also offer an opportunity for you to become a part of Salter Tree and Herb Farmís mission of preserving these rare seeds. Your contribution of $25 will help ensure future access to what is now a diminishing diversity of Florida flowers and we will send you a variety of seed packets in appreciation.
Many of the seeds available on this site can be grown state-wide and even throughout the southeastern US. Try a few packets to begin beautifying a waste area, roadside or to naturalize your yard, neighborhood, or community. Wildflower seeds provide food for a wide variety of wildlife and the flowers are an incredible link in the chain of life. Be ready for wildflowers galore! Let them be wild - they will drift and migrate, mix and mingle, and offer an exciting array of color.
If you would like to contribute towards Florida's Wildflower preservation, please email Joanna@saltertreeandherbfarm.com !

Joanna Booth of Salter Tree and Herb Farm is custodian to Florida
native wildflowers and rare and familiar native plants of the
Southeastern United States.  

A Florida wildflower seed grower and small seed packet dealer, Joanna Booth advises on growing your own native wildflowers. Consultation by phone or in person by appointment.

The Salter Tree and Herb Farm harvests many types of wildflowers. We also purchase wildflower crops from several other growers in Florida. Your purchase helps sustain a fledgling industry of committed growers.
At the farm, we will attempt to produce any native species desired provided seed or cuttings can be obtained. Small quantities of plants for collectors are generally available. Other plant orders are grown by contract only. Most wildflower seeds are available year round for many native wildflowers enthusiasts.

pilosa flower
C. leavenworthii flower
R. mollis flower
P. drummundii flower

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